Lawn Starter 2.5kg 125sqm
Dusty Clay Fertiliser Lawn Starter Blend Typical Analysis
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Dusty Clay Fertiliser Lawn Starter Blend Typical Analysis

Lawn Starter 2.5kg 125sqm

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Each and every one of our blends, are blended specifically for that soil and therefore ALL your plants. Yes, that’s right, yours is a rose blend, a lawn fixer, a veggie booster, a native expert, it creates good chemical reactions in the soil. It’s not just about the three at the top (N,P,K), all of the minerals and nutrients use each other to work. That’s why other products fail to last. We have carefully gone through every mineral and nutrient and added the exact quantities you need, we’ll talk about a few of these below.

 All this makes our blends the first truly All-of-Garden one off treatment. Because when you scientifically balance the soil the entire system thrives*.

  1. Simply work out vaguely how big your yard is. (google simple methods if needed).

Grab your blend. (don’t worry if you’re on the edge of a colour on the map, take the Blue blend)

  1. Step-out an area about 3.5 big steps by 3.5 big steps and spread a standard cupful. (watch how it looks on the surface, so that you can just keep going at the same rate)

Do not worry too much about this, you’d have to make a pile before it will hurt anything.

  1. Once you’re done, ideally water in immediately but even the next day is ok. Just be sure you water until its dissolved. Your lawn area can be mowed when its dry enough.


Are you starting a new lawn from turf or seed? How much work and cost have you put into your patch$Levelling, tillage, top soil, pre-wedding, watering systems... Please don't disregard the most important factor for establishment, soil health. Not just for the immediate germination or turf laying, for the next dry spell, the next 1, 2, 20 years. You need the soil to have the minerals, governor. The Life below the surface to support the growth and health. For an average input investment percentage of 0.5% of what a new lawn really needs.  

You will not find a more complete one off treatment for your soil than our lawn starter. Including biology, humates and the entire spectrum of micro and macro nutrients any lawn needs anywhere. It's that simple really. 

 Our turf farm at Goondiwindi bounced to full production after ridiculous drought in the 1990’s, simply because of the soil health. It had weathered the dry times, and even sat under 2 meters of waters in the flood that ended the drought. There's not many in the turf industry that wouldn't see that as anything but fantastic. 

*as with any fertiliser, water in until dissolved. Plants absorb their food through damp soil. When it goes dry, they’re not only dying of thirst but starving as well. So, just treat your garden, as a whole, regularly and you’ll be building the health and vitality every time. Then stick your finger in it and keep it damp.

Simple yeah? The science, testing and research to make it that easy for you, wasn’t that easy but an absolute pleasure and passion for us.